Welcome to the virtual home of Platorand Lugbespuiting / Platorand Crop Spraying and Aviation Services


Platorand Lugbespuiting / Platorand Aerial Crop Spraying was founded by current owner and pilot Sias Steenkamp in 1992 with one rented aircraft. Back then, the personnel consisted of Sias (who pulled triple duty as company owner, pilot and manager) and his wife Mandie, who handled all the admin. In 1993, the company bought its first aeroplane – which was part of the fleet untill 2018.

Today the fleet consists of two Turbine Dromader, a Grumman Ag Cat, a C182 and C152 TD.


Located in the Mpumalanga province of South Africa, we offer a wide variety of services with our fleet of agricultural aircraft, including:


Crop spraying;

Spreading fertiliser and grass;

Extinguishing water reeds;

Spraying smaller surface areas, including citrus groves;

Supplying Avgas and Jet1A at the Middelburg airfield;

Performing maintenance on agricultural aircraft and other aeroplanes at the Middelburg Air Field, where we have a well equipped workshop & registered AMO.


 We also did the following services but both chapters ended in 2018:

Fire Fighting for 27 years;

A Part 127 Helicopter AOC - Using our helicopter to safely perform any work involving big game, such as darting, culling, etc.