Why Use Aircraft for Crop Spraying?


Crop spraying, aerial irrigation, aerial topdressing, or ag application – formerly also known as crop dusting – is when a specialised agricultural aircraft is used to seed or fertilise fields, or spray crops with protective products such as pesticides.

Benefits of aerial crop spraying:
The benefits of aerial crop spraying are manifold. Technology has turned aerial crop spraying into a speedy, accurate way of protecting crops from disease and pests. At Platorand Lugbespuiting / Crop Spraying we fight other disasters too which are a huge threat to crops and livestock: wildfires.


Cost Effective

There is a common misconception that aerial crop spraying has to be unaffordable, since aircraft is involved. However, when compared to the cost of surface level pesticide and fertilisation applicators, the price of aerial irrigation is not as sky high as is generally assumed. When it comes to covering especially larger areas, crop spraying is often the more economical option. Contact us here to get a cost estimate.



When your crops are under threat from pests or disease, it is essential to spray them as quickly as possible to minimise the damage and potential losses. Aircraft can cover larger areas much faster than tractors and other surface level applicators.

Spread Pesticides, Not Pests or Disease
Unlike tractors and other methods of surface level applicators, aircraft do not trample crops or spread the pest or spores of disease, which is a risk with surface level applicators as they move through the crops.