The Platorand Team...


Platorand Lugbespuiting / Platorand Aerial Crop Spraying was founded by current owner and pilot Sias Steenkamp in 1992 with one rented aircraft. Back then, the personnel consisted of Sias (who pulled triple duty as company owner, pilot and manager) and his wife Marli, who handled all the admin. In 1993, the company bought its first aeroplane – which is still part of the fleet.

Today the fleet consists of that initial Turbine Dromader, two Piston Dromaders, a Grumman Ag Cat, a C182 and C152 TD. A Part 127 Helicopter AOC joined the fleet in 2015.




 Sias Steenkamp


Founder, owner and pilot Sias has logged more than 11 000 flight hours on fixed wing aircraft and 180 helicopter flight hours.




 Edwil Fereira


Edwil is Platorand's safety pilot. Pilot Edwill boasts more than 1 850 flight hours on fixed wing aircraft.


 Nico Roos


Pilot Nico has more than 2 000 flight hours on fixed wing aircraft, and more than 200 helicopter flight hours under his belt.


 Juan Steenkamp


Pilot and shareholder Juan has more than 600 flight hours on helicopters and more than 150 hours on fixed wing aircraft.


 Juan Kemp


Our resident engineer, Juan maintains the aircraft and equipment. He has successfully completed Transport Education Training Authority (TETA) exams.